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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Whatever your structure situation may be… We have the solution.

Our helical anchor is a powerful system that gently lifts and permanently supports settled houses and other structures. It is also an excellent remedy for soil problems and can be used to create a firm foundation for new home construction. Our helical anchor is engineered to be free of the weaknesses of other foundation systems. For example, systems that use thin shaft anchors or piers are subject to “kinking,” or buckling, if the weight of the house structure exceeds the capacity of the anchors.

Push pier systems which repeatedly lift a structure and use its weight to push piers into the ground can cause “walkout” and point loading during lifting, leading to additional failures. Walkout occurs when a section that is being lifted moves away from the rest of the structure.

Why do foundations fail?

Most foundation failure results from soil-related problems such as expansive soils that expand and shrink with changes in the moisture content of the soil, poor compaction, overloading, excessive organic materials, or erosion. These conditions create instabilities that can damage the home’s foundation as well as the rest of the structure.

Foundations Fail

Foundation Failure can occure when soil conditions change over the life of the structure.

What’s the solution?

Fortunately, there are ways to restore stability, raise settled areas, and repair damage inside and outside a home. Some systems and techniques, however, produce cosmetic results only; they do little or nothing to correct the source of the problem. And with so many options available, the choice may seem difficult.

Why use the Stabilizor System?

No Kinking

Kinking often occurs with support systems that use thin shaft anchors or piers. If the weight of the house exceeds the capacity of the anchors, the shaft will buckle, or kink, and fail.

No Sinking

Push pier systems can also fail if soil conditions change because they use friction to support a structure’s weight. If a repair is done when soil is dry and soil conditions change, piers will slip because of the change in friction.

No Walkouts

“Walkout” can occur with push pier systems that lift house and then use its weight to push the pier into the ground—a process that can be repeated many times and may cause a section that is being lifted to move away, or“walkout”, from the rest of the house. Our helical anchor lifts a house only when setting it back in place.

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Why Choose Our Company?

Our material spreads out underneath the slab a greater distance than foam which reduces the risk of settling over time. This result is called pyramiding which we at A1 strive to avoid. This is what makes a successful leveling job long-term. We use a grout /cement-based slurry not mudjacking also.

Our material is also environmentally friendly. We also do not have lengthy warranty/disclaimers. If it settles we come back and take care of it.

We are well known as a company that takes care of its customers and treat them like family. Our business will continue in the future with the addition of our next generation entering the business. We take care of our customers whether big or small.

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"I recently met with two of your employees - Steve & Daniel. I wan to commend them for doing a very thorough job. They were very professional. My steps were the last of the day - they did not rush to get finished, they kept working until the steps were done properly. They cleaned up everything - except for the steps now being right, I wouldn't have known anyone had been there! These two deserve to be recognized on their skills as well as efficiency and professionalism!! Thanks for sending Steve & Daniel to work at my home."

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