Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the A-1 Concrete leveling process environmentally safe?

The A-1 pumping compound is eco, nature and environmentally friendly. The compound is made of natural ingredients: crushed limestone, Portland Cement, and water.

Using A-1 Concrete Leveling for your project supports a cleaner environment in the following ways:

  • By repairing your concrete, instead of tearing it out and replacing it, you keep the old concrete out of landfills.
  • Our primary method of leveling your concrete uses pulverized limestone and water to hydraulically lift and level your concrete. That’s it. No unnatural chemicals to leach into your soil. No hazardous fumes. Just rock and water.
How much does concrete leveling cost?

Concrete Leveling is typically at least 50% less than the cost of concrete replacement. There is also the added benefit of not having to deal with:

  • Demolition and removal of concrete
  • Downtime (leveled concrete can be used immediately)
  • Removal and replacement of landscaping
How long does concrete leveling take?
Most concrete leveling jobs are completed in one day or less. Remember there is no waiting with leveled concrete; in almost all cases it can be used immediately.
How long has concrete leveling been used?

Concrete Leveling was originally called mud jacking or slab jacking. The process has been in existence for over 100 years. About 30 years ago, Grover Miller, an inventor from Peninsula, Ohio, developed and patented A-1 Concrete’s self-contained leveling unit using the crushed limestone material to fill the voids under uneven concrete slabs.

What are the benefits of concrete leveling vs. concrete replacement?
  • Concrete Leveling typically provides a savings of 50-70% over replacement
  • Projects are generally completed in several hours rather than days
  • Downtime is reduced – after completion, the concrete can be used immediately
  • No demolition and disposal of old concrete
  • Landscaping of surrounding areas is typically unaffected
  • Injection of our material helps to fill voids and stabilize low-density soils
  • Leveling maintains the uniform color of your concrete slabs
  • Leveling is a “Green” Process. Concrete Leveling reduces job time, energy utilization, and environmental problems associated with concrete demolition, and disposal.
  • No Municipal Building Permits are required, typically.
Can all concrete be leveled?

Most concrete slabs can be leveled. Any slab or block that is still in good condition can be leveled. When large areas of concrete have deteriorated or crumbled or fractures (cracks) are too close together, replacement may be the best option.

Can concrete slabs be lowered?
Generally not. However, if the cause of the raised slabs is tree roots, the adjoining slabs can generally be raised up at a graduated slope to meet the higher slab and eliminate the trip hazard.
Can driveways that are leaning toward the house be angled away from the house?
In most cases, yes. Think of a concrete slab like a door laying flat. By injecting material underneath in different areas you can adjust the angle or pitch of the door to any angle or direction desired. A-1 can lift the driveway or patio slabs and adjust the pitch to direct the water runoff away from the house. We also use caulking (joint sealing) to protect from any further water-caused erosion. If there are other drainage problems still existing, such as failed footer drains, the problem may not be completely resolved. These issues must also be addressed.
How long does leveling last?
A-1 injects the necessary amount of material beneath the concrete, improving soil density and stabilizing the soil. The concrete is then properly supported and stabilized. With proper drainage and sealing, leveling can last indefinitely. Keep in mind that improper water drainage can erode even the best of repairs.
What is a void?
A void is a pocket of air or water underneath the concrete. Typically, clay soil is more prone to voids. Water drainage issues, poor soil preparation, burrowing rodents or normal settling of soils can also create voids.
Can cracked concrete be leveled?
Yes, if the concrete slabs are still in large pieces and the cracks are not located too closely together. If the concrete has crumbled or the fractures (cracks) are too close together, then replacement would be the best option.
Will my water drainage issues be resolved?
Changing the pitch or angle of concrete will redirect water run-off and can resolve drainage problems. Concrete leveling is not waterproofing, drainage footer failure repair or foundation repair; these issues should be addressed separately. Ask A-1 for help if you have these concerns.
Will the holes used in leveling be a different color than our existing cement?
It is virtually impossible to exactly match the color of existing concrete. A-1 uses high-quality mortar mixed with the drilling material that we save from your existing concrete, providing the closest match possible. Over time, due to weathering, sun, and other environmental discolorations, our mortar will begin to blend with the existing concrete, which will further hide the repair. Additionally, A-1 uses smaller, less noticeable holes than most other leveling companies, for a less noticeable repair.
Is Concrete Leveling a seasonal business?

Depending on the A-1 Location, and weather, most of our work is done from April 1st through the end of November. Since we use a material that is mixed with water and pumped through hoses, our equipment is vulnerable to problems associated with freezing conditions. We do provide free estimates throughout the year.

Why does A-1 have a waiting list of 7 days to 3 weeks?
A-1’s services are always in high demand. We have gained an excellent reputation for providing high-quality work, reasonable prices, and honoring our warranty. As a result, we do have a 7-day to 3-week wait during most of the working season.
What should beware of when evaluating concrete leveling contractors?
  • Contractors who pressure you to do work immediately or wants full payment in advance of work
  • Contractors who do not put quotes and warranties in writing
  • Contractors who do not have local references
  • Contractors who cannot provide you with proof of insurance upon request
How do I get started?
Contact your local A-1 Concrete Leveler for a free estimate. Tell the customer service representative where your specific concrete issues are. An estimator will come out to provide a detailed estimate of the area(s) needing leveling.
Do I need to be home during the estimate/job?
Although we prefer you to be home, so we can make sure your questions are answered fully, the estimate can be emailed or left at the property if you’re unable to meet with our estimators.
Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 3-year warranty on all leveling work from the date of completion. Contact us to learn more.