what our happy clients say


Dear J.D.,

We had our uneven sidewalk repaired with your service in April 2010. The work was great and restored our sidewalk to like-new condition. Throughout the year, we noticed that heavy rain would overflow the gutter that was in the vicinity of the repair work. We suspected that some of the repair concrete had been drilled into the underground pipe under the sidewalk and did not know how we should find a repair service.

We contacted you a few weeks ago after particularly heavy rains were really affecting the gutter, and it was pooling around the foundation of our house. The receptionist handled the call very professionally, and was very responsive to our needs. The receptionist talked to her manager and called back a short time later to confirm a date and time that Al would come to our house to review the problem.

Al came to our house and found that the underground drainpipe had filled with concrete during the repairs. They were very reassuring that they wanted things to be right, and the problem to be resolved to our satisfaction. On the next visit, the repairs were made, and the problem drainpipe was removed and replaced with a new piece. During the repair work, Al found that the house contractor had used an improper piece of drainpipe normally used for foundation draining for the underground drain. The weep holes drilled within the pipe were responsible for eroding the ground under the sidewalk and causing the sidewalk to sink in the first place. When the repair concrete was pumped into the area around the pipe, it found its way into the weep holes, and filled the pipe up causing the drainage problem.

When J.D. called after the repair work, he notified us of the problem with the contractor using the incorrect pipe in the first place. We agreed that the cause of the drain problem was mostly due the contractor’s negligence during construction, and agreed that it was fair for us to pay $200 for a portion of the repairs.

Al Concrete Leveling was very responsive to our problem, and showed great customer service by wanting to help us make the proper repairs. We wanted to say that we are very satisfied with your company’s services and repairs, and will highly recommend you to our friends.

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Black

Westerville, Ohio

We were very pleased with the work performed and will definitely recommend A-1 to family and friends.
Jackie & Mark Gordon

I would like this note of recognition to be placed in the permanent files of the employee team known as “Rob” and “PJ”. They worked on my home [ in Mansfield, Ohio ] in the spring of 2012. They performed their duties within the highest levels of professional expertise and job site decorum, rarely seen in today’s construction work crews. As thorny technical worksite problems would arise, they were resolved through their creative solutions which best responded to the specific issues at hand in the most efficient and least costly venue conceivable, thereby accomplishing the task at hand with the greatest efficiency and the lowest economic impact to the customer, while upholding the highest quality end product standards which their employer demanded. I would like all to know that I am VERY satisfied and pleased with the work that A-1 Concrete Leveling North did on my property.
Robert D. Sterken

Dear JD,

This letter is to thank you for your company’s excellent service when you recently leveled our front stoop and walk.

We had a short window of time to complete the project, due to the fact that we recently sold our home and have an August 30 closing date. We appreciated that Al was able to schedule our service with one week’s time.

I would recommend your company to others because your workers arrived on time, did an excellent job, and cleaned up when they were finished.

Finally, I want to compliment your office staff, Jenna. She is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. She also kept everything running smoothly. Thanks, Jenna!

Again, thank you very much for doing a great job.

Barb Parish

Please tell Ron thanks. I am very happy with how the sidewalks now look.
Christina Gantz

Dear Mr. Nichols:

The purpose of my letter is to let you know about a job your folks did in Bucyrus a while back. I am the Senior Trustee at the Woodlawn United Methodist Church here in town. I still can’t believe how smoothly this job went. I found out you were in town doing another job, called your office, the young lady said you would be back in town the next day. I asked could they meet with me at the church the next morning, she called me back and it was all arranged for the next morning.. Not 2 months down the road, BUT, the next morning. What service.

At 8:00am that next morning, low and behold, there they were right on time. I met with your man Emanuel ( is that right), he looked the situation over, showed me how the job would be done, and gave me the estimate… The job was approved and scheduled for leveling.

On the day of the job they showed up right on time, worked really hard the entire day, 12 or 13 hours, and completed the job.

Too often, in the business world, things don’t go this way. It could not have been better.. So, I Thank You for your companies great service. Our sidewalk looks great and everyone is happy.

If you have any need to have a person or a place in Bucyrus for someone to look at your work, you can certainly have them call me or look at the job done at our church anytime.

Jim Gillenwatearg

Agent, Auto-Life-Health-Home and Business, BUCYRUS, OH

Just wanted to say thanks! for your great job and for sticking with it through the challenges. Have a great holiday!
Karl Putz & Family

I recently met with two of your employees – Steve & Daniel. I wan to commend them for doing a very thorough job. They were very professional. My steps were the last of the day – they did not rush to get finished, they kept working until the steps were done properly. They cleaned up everything – except for the steps now being right, I wouldn’t have known anyone had been there! These two deserve to be recognized on their skills as well as efficiency and professionalism!! Thanks for sending Steve & Daniel to work at my home.
Jason Mickunas